Listen to your body to develop your own personalized way of eating—and feel your best The mere mention of diets is so strongly associated with weight loss that a more basic fact is often overlooked. The right foods can help to rebalance hormones and relieve almost any ailment, from bloating, bad moods, and unpleasant monthly […]  Read More


Natural therapies can help to ease the pain and other symptoms of this mysterious condition The chief symptom of fibromyalgia is overwhelming musculoskeletal pain. Patients often describe their pain as being all over the body, with any type of touch—light or firm—making the pain worse. Other common symptoms may include multiple tender joints, joint stiffness, […]  Read More


Simple-to-prepare, no-fuss fare perfect for an outdoor dinner party Nothing says it’s summer like an outdoor  party. Sultry afternoons and warm, starry nights lend themselves to al fresco dining. And if you’re planning on having a few guests over for a summer get-together, this easy, breezy menu fits the bill perfectly: scrumptious appetizers, a soup […]  Read More


8 nutrients that fight “brain drain”  Feeling foggy, forgetful, or confused? You’re not alone. Causes of memory problems, fatigue, and difficulty learning range from impaired circulation to traumatic brain injury to plain old stress. But you can combat “brain drain;” try these smart supplements to stay sharp. Citicoline is a chemical that occurs naturally in […]  Read More


Calendula is a first-aid kit essential for summer Calendula officinalis, also called pot marigold, is often referred to as “herb of the sun,” as marigold flowers open in daylight and close at night. Shakespeare gets poetic about them in his 1623 play The Winter’s Tale: “The marigold … goes to bed wi’ the sun; And […]  Read More

The Latest in Longevity

The science of aging reveals how to sharpen your mind and reverse your biological clock, from the inside and out The science of aging is fascinating. We can, to a degree, change the speed and extent at which our bodies age through diet and lifestyle. Historically, the focus of anti-aging research has been around life extension, improving quality […]  Read More

Sore Subject

Practical ways to prevent—and treat—carpal tunnel syndrome They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And if you’re in a profession that demands repetitive wrist movement (such as carpentry or typing), there are a number of ways to reduce the potential for carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition characterized by inflammation between […]  Read More

Ultimate Eye Health Guide

What you need to know now to promote clear vision for years to come “Each day, your eyes are assaulted by the sun, electronic devices, and the natural process of aging, all of which cause oxidative stress—a process that acts like rust in the body,” says optometrist Jeffrey Anshel, OD, and author of Smart Medicine […]  Read More

Healthy Fats

Here are some simple answers to tricky questions about fats Our relationship with fat continues to baffle us. We love it, then we hate it. It comforts us, then frightens us. Unlike sugar, which we’ve come to universally vilify, fat makes us sway with indecision. Meanwhile, conflicting claims abound. Saturated fat clogs our arteries, but […]  Read More


Whip up these nutrient-dense elixirs to help manage weight—including a protein-rich iced coffee and a “love potion” just in time for Valentine‘s Day If your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, here is a simple way to kick-start weight loss and keep your resolution all year long. Simply whip up a nutrient-dense weight-loss smoothie […]  Read More