A Different Way to Detox

Forget the drastic juice fasts. Amie Valpone, author of the new book Eating Clean, shares her top secrets for creating a clean food plan that can help you detox, lose weight, and more—every day. Let me share with you a general overview of what I believe about food, diet, and eating clean for your best […]  Read More

Pomegranate Power

This polyphenol-packed fruit is loaded with natural wrinkle fighters. Pomegranate is the latest wonder ingredient in anti-aging skin care. This colorful fruit has three times more antioxidants than green tea and red wine, which helps neutralize the free radicals that cause skin damage and visible signs of aging. Pomegranate was found to have more polyphenols […]  Read More

The Telomere Treatment

Feed your cells to slow the aging process and resist disease. People have sought the fountain of youth for millennia, trying everything from ancient potions to vitamin supplements. In recent years, scientists have zeroed in on the actual causes of cellular aging. After all, the body consists of an estimated 37 trillion cells, and as […]  Read More

In the Pink

How this potent, pink-hued antioxidant benefits your health. Pronounced “asta-ZAN-thin,” and found in certain algae, astaxanthin is a food-based nutrient that has been shown in some studies to enhance the whole body. There are two sources of astaxanthin—microalgae and sea creatures who eat the algae (e.g., wild salmon, krill, and shellfish).  The carotenoids in astaxanthin […]  Read More

It’ll Do Your Heart Good

Launch a preemptive strike against heart disease with these simple prevention strategies. As a society, we’ve been battling heart disease for decades, but we don’t seem to be making much progress. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 735,000 Americans suffer a heart attack and 610,000 die from cardiovascular disease every year. […]  Read More

Cold-Weather Herb Guide

Top 10 herbs or fall and winter health It’s the time of year when leaves transform into vibrant hues, sweaters come out of storage, and the air becomes refreshingly crisp. Unfortunately, it’s also a time of increased cold and flu symptoms, dry and painful skin conditions, and altered moods due to shorter days and a […]  Read More

Say What?

Certain supplements have been shown to slow—and possibly even prevent—hearing loss Your ears, especially the middle and inner ear sections, enable you to sense sounds. They also help provide balance and enable you to feel gravity and acceleration. When we’re young, we’re able to hear relatively high-pitched sounds, but this sensitivity decreases with age. Ear […]  Read More

Gut Feelings

How Your Belly Affects Your Mood No matter how fit you are, and no matter how beautiful, tan, perfectly coiffed, or finely muscled, it all comes down to one thing: you’re basically a skin sack filled with bacteria. Of the estimated 100 trillion cells in the body, only about 10 percent are human. The rest […]  Read More

Healthy Aging

Lately, I feel my age. Is there anything I can do to get my spark back? —Mara S., Phoenix You know what? Aging isn’t fun. You start to get thick around the middle. You have wrinkles you’ve never noticed before. Your energy isn’t what it used to be, not to mention your interest in sex. All […]  Read More

Confection Perfection

Bake up a sweet holiday with these traditional treats—sans sugar If you have shunned sugar, there’s no reason to hide away during the holiday season when baked goods abound. Bake up these amazingly yummy treats and enjoy—we’re willing to wager you won’t be able to tell the difference between these and the sugar-filled versions. Sweet-Leaf […]  Read More