Healthy Fats

Here are some simple answers to tricky questions about fats Our relationship with fat continues to baffle us. We love it, then we hate it. It comforts us, then frightens us. Unlike sugar, which we’ve come to universally vilify, fat makes us sway with indecision. Meanwhile, conflicting claims abound. Saturated fat clogs our arteries, but […]  Read More


Whip up these nutrient-dense elixirs to help manage weight—including a protein-rich iced coffee and a “love potion” just in time for Valentine‘s Day If your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, here is a simple way to kick-start weight loss and keep your resolution all year long. Simply whip up a nutrient-dense weight-loss smoothie […]  Read More


The latest research shows it’s possible to reduce arterial plaque—a major cause of heart disease—in as little as one month. What you need to know “Half the people who die of heart disease have normal cholesterol. How helpful is that?” says Steven Masley, MD, author of The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up: A Breakthrough Medical Plan to […]  Read More


Adrenal health could be the key to unlocking healthy weight loss Many theories have tried to explain why our waistlines have expanded dramatically in the past few decades, including the addition of high fructose corn syrup to many foods, giant sodas, processed food, toxins, and an increasingly stressful and sedentary way of life. No single […]  Read More


This formerly rare complication from chickenpox is becoming more common. Here’s what you need to know Recently, a large group of naturopaths was polled, and many noted that in the past five or so years, they have seen a significant increase in shingles cases. This has certainly been true in my practice as well. Shingles […]  Read More


Are you chronically late, always forgetting the grocery list, losing the car keys, or routinely disorganized? If so, you could be showing signs of adult ADHD It’s estimated that adult ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) affects almost 5 percent of the population, with symptoms that include difficulty concentrating, lack of organization, inability to complete work, […]  Read More


Multivitamin and mineral supplements offer comprehensive health insurance. But how do you choose one right for you? What you need to know now Multiple vitamin and mineral formulas today take care of a variety of nutritional needs, and are customized to fit a variety of different requirements and preferences—many are specially formulated according to age, […]  Read More


Top 7 Immune Boosters You May Not Know About If you want extra protection against colds and flu this season, try one of these seven super supplements 1. Wellmune WGP. According to recent research, the proprietary ingredient Wellmune WGP (beta-glucan from baker’s yeast) has been shown in a double-blind study to prevent colds and flu. Subjects were […]  Read More


Tasty recipes and timeless tips for navigating the holiday season sans gluten—whether it’s your first gluten-free holiday or your umpteenth ’Tis the season for eating, drinking, and making merry. But if you are on a gluten-free diet, it’s not the season to be complacent because gluten lurks at every turn. So it pays to be […]  Read More


Natural treatment and prevention strategies for uterine fibroids Jennifer had been experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding for several years. She felt wiped out after her period, and a blood test showed that her iron level was low. The diagnosis? Jennifer was suffering from uterine fibroids—the most common non-cancerous growth seen in the female reproductive tract. Jennifer’s doctor […]  Read More