Red Fruit Salad

Serves 4 This versatile salad can be used as the base of everything from a light lunch to a refreshing smoothie. 1 1/2 cups organic strawberries, halved 1 1/2 cups…

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Quinoa Pilaf

Serves 8 This delicious dish provides a complete protein, a variety of vegetables, and all your essential fatty acids in one shot. The carrot juice adds both color and a…

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Antipasti Platter


Keep starters simple. Choose a selection of marinated vegetables, olives, seasonal fruit, and high-quality meats and cheeses, and arrange them artfully on a serving platter.  Serves 4 1/2 lb. assorted deli…

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Leftovers from dinner, minus starchy sides, can make a good, high-protein breakfast, or try Christianson’s breakfast soup. To turn it into a meal later in the day, add more vegetables,…

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