Jack Challem

Jack Challem, aka The Nutrition Reporter, is the bestselling author of more than 20 books on nutrition and health, including Feed Your Genes Right

Healthy Tip! Exercise such as yoga plays a key role in promoting joint health, according to Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center.

Move On

Osteoarthritis can make it uncomfortable to move your knees and other joints. Ease pain and build cartilage with alternative natural therapies.


Sick and Tired?

An Rx may not be the answer to fighting Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Here are some alternative ways to address the symptoms.


Say What?

Certain supplements have been shown to slow—and possibly even prevent—hearing loss. Your ears, especially the middle and inner ear sections, enable you to sense sounds.



Know the symptoms, how to test, and supplements that can help Hypothyroidism refers to below-normal activity of the thyroid gland.


Sugar On The Brain

Could Alzheimer’s disease be more accurately described as “type 3 diabetes”? The surprising connection between blood sugar and brain health.