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It is possible to build muscle and strength with plant-based protein.

Plant Based Protein

Yes, it’s possible to build muscle and strength with plant-based protein Plant-based protein is a great way to fuel fitness programs, but there’s a lingering myth that it may not…

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CrossFit is basically a no-brainer way to get an all-around workout, to continually improve endurance and strength of your whole body.


Is this hardcore workout right for you? From celebrities the likes of Jessica Alba, Sam Heughan, and Channing Tatum to ordinary folks of all ages, CrossFit has become a popular…

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Stay Strong

Weight training is a woman’s BFF, offering benefits way beyond muscle tone Want to look great in your favorite outfits, feel strong and confident, and stay that way for the…

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Raising the Barre

Ballet-inspired fitness classes offer an ultra-challenging workout. Want to quickly develop the long, lean look of a dancer, get the most challenging workout of your life, and have fun while…

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Jump Around

Feel like a kid again—and get in amazing shape—by jumping rope Busy holiday schedules, travel, or cold weather can easily disrupt an exercise routine. But jumping rope can keep you on…

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