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Manuka from New Zealand, is stealing the show, with unique qualities that not only enhance health and beauty, but also could solve much of the world’s problem with antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Manuka Honey

Why there’s so much buzz about this “super honey” For thousands of years, honey has been recognized as a healing substance, and today it’s popular for soothing sore throats and…

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Tomayto or tomahto? While the argument may never end, we do know that tomatoes are red, and the reason why—lycopene—holds a key to great health In the United States, tomatoes…

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Curry Up!

The key ingredient in curry spice blends, curcumin (found in turmeric) is the ultimate anti-inflammatory. For thousands of years, turmeric has been a widely used remedy in Eastern medicine, and…

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In the Pink

How this potent, pink-hued antioxidant benefits your health. Pronounced “asta-ZAN-thin,” and found in certain algae, astaxanthin is a food-based nutrient that has been shown in some studies to enhance the…

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Worth a Shot?

Vitamin B12 deficiencies are more common than you may think, particularly in vegans and vegetarians. But are shots or supplements best? “You can die of a B12 deficiency,” says Sally…

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