Breathe Like an Athlete

The way you breathe can affect your athletic performance. Are you breathing the right way?
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We usually don’t think much about it; our bodies simply make it happen autonomously like it does digestion and circulation. Breathing provides necessary oxygen to your body, without which the cells of the body would quickly die. But during exercise, are you breathing the right way?

Most people breathe through their mouths when they train. However, yoga practitioners have long used nasal breathing because it has a calming effect. And studies now
support nasal breathing for athletes because the body is less stressed, making it easier to perform.

Of course, nasal congestion makes nasal breathing more difficult. Congestion comes from increased mucus production and swollen nasal and sinus tissues due to inflammation. Humidifiers can keep nasal passages moist, and nasal sprays can reduce swelling so you can breathe freely and train harder and longer than before.


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