Multitask Better with Supplements for Short Term Memory


Whether you’re a busy mom or professional executive, the ability to multitask seems to be a requirement in today’s modern world—and good short-term memory is key to juggling more than one task at a time as your brain switches focus frequently. So perhaps it’s a sign of the times that more people of all ages are reaching for brain health supplements in an effort to gain an “edge.” Some of the ingredients you’ll find in popular brain-boosting formulas:


Apoaequorin (a jellyfish extract) supports healthy brain function, clearer thinking, and a sharper mind.

Try: Quincy Bioscience Prevagen

Bricker Labs Memory Matters

Research demonstrates a formula made from a spearmint extract improves short-term “working memory” (essential to multitasking).

Try: Bricker LabsMemory Matters, and test your own multitasking skills and track cognitive improvement over time while taking the product with the company’s online quiz at

Quality of Life Labs Cogni-Q

Research shows Angelica gigas nakai root extract is neuroprotective, and benefits memory conditions including Alzheimer’s disease.

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Organic India Memory

Bacopa, an Ayurvedic herb used for centuries to treat memory issues, is supported by modern research. One notable trial published in Psychopharmacology showed bacopa improved visual information processing, memory, and speed-of-information processing.

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Life Seasons Clari-T Cognitive Support

Ginkgo biloba improves blood flow to the brain. Research also shows it protects nerve cells that are damaged in Alzheimer disease. Several studies show this herb has a positive effect on memory.

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KeyView Labs Procera AVH

Acetyl-l-carnitine is an amino acid that provides the brain with needed power by preserving mitochondria—tiny energy factories found within all cells, including brain cells.

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