Banana Butterscotch Protein Cupcakes

Tired of protein smoothies? Here’s how to enjoy protein powders in a whole new way

Protein powders are an ideal addition to a healthy and active lifestyle. They can help you lose weight, build muscle, improve energy, perform better, and keep cravings at bay. Including them in your diet is as easy as pie, and just as tasty. And they can be added to more than just smoothies and shakes.

There’s a widely held misconception that you shouldn’t cook with protein powders, says Anna Sward, author of The Ultimate Protein Pow(d)er Cookbook. Why? The myth is that the proteins are destroyed (“denatured”) when heated. The truth is, “Protein doesn’t get damaged when you bake or cook with it,” says Sward. “Though baking alters the structure of the protein (yes, it does ‘denature’ it), its nutritional value remains unchanged. Whether cooked or uncooked, your body absorbs the protein.”

Sward’s book is filled with delicious, creative ways to add more healthy protein to your diet—recipes for familiar comfort foods that are loaded with nutrition. Look below for a few recipes from the book you’ll want to try immediately. —Ann Nix

Click here for the Banana-Butterscotch Protein Cupcakes recipe pictured above.

Sweet Potato Protein Soup

Click here for the Sweet Potato Protein Soup recipe pictured left.

Post Workout Chocolate Protein Cake

Click here for the Post-Workout Chocolate Protein Cake recipe pictured right.

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