Touched by Angels

It’s easy to see the difference nonprofit organization Vitamin Angels is making around the world.

Sometimes, the smallest things can have the biggest impact. For Vitamin Angels, it’s as simple as a vitamin supplement. This nonprofit organization delivers vitamin A and other supplements to children worldwide whose diets are lacking in essential nutrients—and who, without these vitamins, would face life-threatening illnesses. As the photos of these smiling children clearly show, the difference Vitamin Angels is making is beyond measure.

From top:

Juana and her son, Felipe. Juana is the first female president of her community in rural Peru, and is an advocate for community health, especially for the children who suffer from a limited diet; In Uganda, 4-year-old Sahicle is all smiles during a visit from Vitamin Angels’ volunteers; A child receives high-dose vitamin A; Vitamin Angels’ founder and president Howard Schiffer with a young girl in San Jorge, Guatemala; Vitamin A and multivitamins await distribution in Nicaragua; One-and-a-half-year-old Naigaga runs down a path near her home in Uganda; A community health worker explains the benefits of vitamin A supplementation for young children to a group of mothers and children near Calcutta, India.

Vitamin Angels’ corporate partners—including those on this page—demonstrate their commitment to the Vitamin Angels’ mission with donations of cash, products, or services, as well as in their communications to customers and employees in-person, in-store, and online.

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