Get gorgeous with these healing meals in a glass!

Less-than-glowing skin? Check out your diet: if it’s lacking in protein, healthy fats and essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, your complexion will suffer. Make up for deficits with nutrient-packed smoothies that ward off wrinkles, clear blemishes, and add moisture. Try one of these five smoothies for different skin needs, and get your glow on.

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Click here for the Dry Skin Chocolate-Cherry Smoothie recipe

Click here for the Sun Damage Repair Green Tea and Goji Smoothie recipe

Click here for the Clear Skin Chai Tea Smoothie recipe

Click here for the Anti-Aging Super Berry Smoothie recipe

Click here for the Alkalizing Greens Balanced Skin Care Smoothie recipe


 Good Buys:

Amazing Grass GreenSuperFood

AMAZING GRASS Green SuperFood is jam-packed with alkalizing green superfoods and antioxidant-rich fruits.

NeoCell HA Blueberry liquid high res

NEOCELL Hyaluronic Acid Blueberry Liquid combines collagen-boosting hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and superfruits including blueberries.

Click Original_Mocha

CLICK Espresso Protein Drink is the perfect protein powder for coffee lovers. Each serving gives you 15 gm of protein, 23 essential vitamins and minerals—and a double shot of gourmet espresso!

Proventive _U.S_VegeGreens_530g

PROVENTIVE NUTRITIONAL THERAPIES VegeGreens Natural Berry Flavor is loaded with good stuff, including super green foods, pre- and probiotics, enzymes, and herbal extracts.

Tera's Whey ORG GFed Plain Can

TERA’SWHEY Organic Whey Protein is an easy way to seriously boost protein (it provides more than 20 gm per serving). Add it to oatmeal, juice, almost anything!

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