Paleo-Friendly BBQ Recipes

Fire up the grill—and stick to your diet—with these sizzling recipes

Popular diet plans such as Paleo and Whole30 are essentially “caveman” diets—think anything our ancient ancestors may have hunted or gathered—pre-agriculture or domesticated animals. That means that not only are grains and sugar out, but dairy and legumes are often restricted as well. And even though you would think barbecues would be fairly Paleo-friendly as it is—after all, grilled meat is the centerpiece of most outdoor cookouts—not so much when you add in buns and sugary condiments. And without dairy and legumes, standard classics like cheeseburgers and three-bean salad are off the menu. Never fear—here are some yummy, Paleo-friendly ways to get your grill on, from The Whole30 Cookbook by Melissa Hartwig.

Paleo-Friendly BBQ Recipes: