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Top homeopathic remedies for allergies.

As with many alternative therapies, conventional medicine has been hasty to dismiss the beneficial results of homeopathy as “placebo effect.” However, research has shown that homeopathy is effective—and not because of the patients’ belief in it. For example, several studies have proven the efficacy of Galphimia glauca in treating eye and nasal symptoms (pollinosis) of hay fever. In one, 201 patients with pollinosis taking Galphimia glauca experienced a 77% improvement after five weeks compared to only 51% in the placebo group.


Here are commonly recommended homeopathics for allergic rhinitis/hay fever. The standard recommended dose for each of the remedies below is three tablets of 6C or 30C every four hours until you see improvement. Repeat dosage if symptoms reappear. Be sure to follow directions on labels.tipNutrients for Your Nose Vitamin A, selenium, zinc, and vitamin E can all help to protect mucus membranes from the damaging effects of air pollution. For natural relief from inflammation, take 250 mg of quercetin, a plant-based compound found in the skins of apples and red onions, three times a day. Konrad Kail, ND, and Bobbi Lawrence are the authors of Allergy Free: Reverse underlying causes of allergies with clinically proven alternative therapies. Illustration by Dave Klug.

  • Allium cepa: Indicated for excessive, bitter nasal discharge; red, burning eyes; excessively watery eyes with stinging tears; severe sneezing, cough, hoarseness, headache; and burning and sore eyelids/lips/nostrils. Often recommended if symptoms worsen in a warm room both in the evening and morning (pollination times).
  • Dulcamara: Indicated for constant sneezing; swollen watery eyes, especially in open air; stuffy nose; thick yellow mucus; nose aches; and frequent urination. Recommended if symptoms worsen during sudden temperature changes, in cold wet places, or before storms, and symptoms improve in warm heat.
  • Euphrasia: Indicated for hay fever concentrated in eyes, with watery, yellow discharge, swollen lids, mucus on cornea; sore eyes with pressure; frequent sneezing with bland (not bitter) nasal discharge; and dry, hard cough. Recommended if symptoms worsen in sunlight and wind, in a warm room, during the evening, or while lying down, and improve in open air.
  • Galphimia glauca: Indicated for excessive mucus secretions for the nose and eyes, swelling of the eyelids, sneezing, and “shooting” pains in the stomach. Also recommended for skin allergies (eczema, hives).
  • Nux vomica: Indicated for runny nose triggered in daytime and outdoors, prolonged sneezing, stuffy nose at night, congestion, “crawling” sensation in nostrils, itching in the throat, and sniffles.


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Vaxa Sinus Formula offers fast-acting assistance from sinus complaints such as uncomfortable sinus pressure and even symptoms of chronic sinusitis with a specialized homeopathic blend.

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